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At Highlands Wine Shoppe

Old World/New World: The Bottle Shock Tasting 

$16 per person | No wine snobbery required  |  Approximately 1.5 hours

The trailer and theme of the movie Bottle Shock begins this fun and educational romp through wine country to taste the Old World and New World wines. Learn what that means, how it all started, and how to see and taste the difference.

You'll taste six different wines, three white and three red, as Highlands Wine Shoppe sommelier walks you through interesting stories and maps featuring the locale, terroir and uniqueness and history of Napa vs. France vs. Italy, and the different growing regions in each

A platter of cheese and crackers will help you cleanse your palate between tastings.
See Reviews Below from Participants

The Elevated Palate: Food and Wine Pairing 

$21 per person  |  For Beginners to Aficionados  |  Approximately 1.5 hours

Some cheese samples and light tapas from the owners family recipe box are paired with four higher-end wines as the sommelier walks you through the nuances of pairing wines with foods, and teaches techniques for ferreting out the unique flavors created by the pairings. End with a tapas portion of Highlands' own Chocolate Heaven paired with a Veuve Devienne Sparkling Rosé NV Vin de France. 

Please book wine tastings 24 hours in advance. Based on availability, we will attempt to accommodate same-day bookings.
To book your stay, call 866.526.8008Just add this experience on during the reservations process. Participants must be 21 years of age.




What was your favorite aspect of this experience?

"How varied the wines were, and how much new knowledge I left with, on top of a desire to watch ‘Bottle Shock' to learn more."

"The amazing wine education and interacting with Jennifer and Davis"

"I like that it was based on the true story of Napa coming into its own in the wine industry. I actually liked that I hadn't't seen the movie prior to the tasting. It made me want to watch the movie, and I enjoyed watching it with the memory of the tasting experience."

What did you learn…any fun facts?

"Old World vs New World/American Wines, there were definitely some interesting facts regarding Millennials, like about them wanting to find something different and unique."

"That red blends are actually up to 85% Merlot - winemakers use this tactic to deplete their supply"

What to know before you go…

"You will have a wonderful time…and go home a little tipsy!"

"Try not to make any ‘set in stone' appointments/reservations after, as you will probably stay and chat a while with others at your table or with the Sommelier, Jennifer, and Davis. It was that much fun!"

"Just be prepared for a relaxing time and some fun conversation around wine."

What would improve the experience?

"The history of wine was very intriguing, I'd be happy to learn more."

Were any expectations not met?

Exceeded expectations!

"I went in without any expectation, but it did really surpass anything I was envisioning. We were able to take home a list of the wines with descriptions which was a nice bonus! We were able to get a nice take-home graphic about where the wines originated too which was helpful."


What did you learn…any fun facts?

In Europe wine is always meant to be paired, only in the USA is wine a beverage.

"Davis is from an old Highlands family, and the tapas recipes came from them. It added another degree of interest to the experience. The sommelier, Jennifer, was very knowledgeable and down to earth as well, and she had a passion for the wines and for the experience."

What would you like to have seen more of or learned more about?

"Wine pricing - how do winemakers determine value"

What to know before you go…

"This provides light nibbles, just enough to help you learn about the pairings with wine. You'll still be able to enjoy a full dinner."

What would you have liked to seen more of or learned more about?

"The bread and curry chicken salad recipes to take home (or available for purchase, which I know is in the works)"

Were any expectations not met?

"None. I did both wine-tasting experiences, and the overall experience of both of them left me feeling like I had taken a little trip across the maps of California and France to explore how the wines evolved there and what characteristics they have."

"I was expecting larger portions, but the amount provided made sense for mindfully enjoying both wine and food and leave more room for dinner. Also, the price was definitely worth the quality and quantity of wine-and the experience and education-even if no food had been included."

What could improve the experience?

"All the food was so delicious, that it left me wanting more bites. Supposedly they are adding a food menu with these items available for order. So I will explore that next time as well."

"Maybe a discount on wine purchases for participants. You end up wanting to stock up, especially since they carry wines that you don't see everywhere. But their prices are very reasonable anyway."

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