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Ranger Falls Trail

: This moderately difficult 1.3 mile trail up the

ridge leads to Ranger Falls, a 25-30 ft set of falls on Skitty Creek.

Access the trail from the right of the Clifftop Vista trailhead. After

0.3 mile, at a fork in the trail, take the left fork (downhill) to the falls.

In approx. 0.6 mile the trail splits again. Stay to the right and do not

cross the creek via the left trail. In approx. 0.2 mile you will arrive at

Ranger Falls. Continue up past the Falls to a four-way intersection.

Turn right and continue for 0.1 mile to a road. Turn right onto the

road for approx. 0.25 mile into a clearing where the trail departs the

road to the left; take this trail through the clearing. Continue past

the first fork in the trail that led to the Falls. Head back downhill to

the parking area at Cliffside Lake.

Skitty Creek Trail

: This 0.5 mile trail runs between Cliffside Lake

Road and US 64. The trail leads to Dry Falls. To get to the falls from

the trail’s end, take a short walk along US 64. Watch out for cars

along this easy trail.

Van Hook Trail

: This 0.5 mile trail is located between Van Hook

Glade and Cliffside Lake. An additional 0.5 mile walk is next to a road

that leads to Cliffside Lake.

Ellicott’s Rock Wilderness Area

Encompassing 9,012 acres, the steep terrain of the Ellicott Rock

Wilderness Area offers numerous mountains and waterfalls to

explore. Two trails to Ellicott’s Rock are described below.

Bad Creek Trail to Ellicot’s Rock

- 3 miles one way | moderate

This is a well-laid and marked 3-mile trail connecting the Chattooga River

Trail to Bull Pen Road. The trail starts on an old logging road. It then

descends through a series of switchbacks to the river. Once at the river,

take the Chattooga River Trail left for a short distance to Ellicott’s Rock.

Ellicott’s Rock Trail -

3.5 miles one way | difficult

This trail follows an old roadbed through a rich pine forest. At 2.0 miles

there is an intersection of two trails; continue straight. At 2.7 miles

there is another junction; bear left and descend to the river. To reach

Ellicott’s Rock you must ford the river. Water depth will vary. During

the summer wading should not be difficult. After fording, take the

Chattooga River Trail to the right for a short distance to Ellicott’s Rock.

From Highlands go east on Main Street until the road becomes Horse

Cove Road, for 4.5 miles to intersection of Bull Pen Road. Turn right on

Bull Pen Road: 1) Bad Creek trail begins on right, 3 miles east of bridge,

2) Ellicott’s Rock Trail trailhead is 1.8 miles down Bull Pen Road. Both

drop steeply down from opposite sides of the river near Ellicott’s Rock.