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Glen Falls

Glen Falls is located

2.6 miles south of

Highlands. To reach

Glen Falls, take Hwy 106

South from Highlands

and travel 1.6 miles

where you will see a

sign directing you to

turn left. Immediately

after, turn right and

head down the gravel

road for one mile. The

road will dead end into

the Glen Falls parking area. From here, you can either take the Glen

Falls Trail or the Chinquapin Mountain Trail.

Glen Falls features a series of beautiful cascades. There are three

major cascades and several smaller cascades, all of which you can

access from the zig-zagging trail. Pay attention to which turn on the

trail you make as there are several shoot offs from the main trail. From

top to bottom, the trail is one mile long and descends 700 ft. The hike

in is fairly easy since you are dropping down, but coming out will be a

lot more strenuous.

Glen Falls is located in a forest of hardwoods and pines which help

keep the trails nicely shaded from the hot summer sun. From most

points on the trail, you can hear the falls which makes for a wonderful

hike in and out.

Secret Falls

One of the finest waterfalls

in the area, a relatively large

creek pours over a nearly

vertical bluff into a big, deep,

beautiful pool, complete

with a sandy beach, before

spilling over some smaller

cascades and into a dark,

rocky cove.

Take Main Street to Horse

Cove Road. Continue on

this curvy road downhill for

3.7 miles and turn right on

Walking Stick Road (SR1608).

Drive down this gravel road

for a total of 2.5 miles to a fork. Turn right and drive 1/4 mile to

FR4567. Drive another 1/4 mile and pull into the small, grassy parking

area on the left. The trail is marked as Big Shoals Trail. It starts out

level as it passes through an area of new growth. It then turns to older

growth as the trail descends and eventually comes to a fairly easy

creek crossing. A few minutes later, the trail crosses another small

creek, then heads up hill. Then the trail turns to the left and down

towards the top of the falls.



Bridal Veil Falls

This is one of the most unusual and most popular falls in the South

by virtue of its location along scenic mountain US 64 West, 2.45 miles

from town. The falls drop for 120 feet and cars can drive under the

veil of water on the old road. During cold spells, the falls create a large

mound of ice at its base. If it stays cold long enough, the falls will form

one giant column of ice.

Bust Your Butt Falls

This popular swimming hole is for the brave, one can jump off a

boulder into the Cullasaja River. Bust Your Butt Falls is a little over

a mile beyond Dry Falls on

US 64 West, and on the

right is a large unpaved

parking area flanked by

sheer granite cliffs. Park

here and cross the road to

find Bust Your Butt Falls.

Cullasaja Falls

The last major waterfall on

the Cullasaja River, these

250 feet falls are a long

cascade over the course of 0.2 miles. Drive 8.75 miles from town on

US 64 West to a pull over on the left side of the road. To return, it is

strongly advised that you drive beyond the pull-off, turn around at a

safe place, and retrace your route.

Dry Falls

This waterfall flows on the

Cullasaja River through

the Nantahala National

Forest. It is part of a series

of waterfalls on an 8.7

mile stretch of the river

that eventually ends with

Cullasaja Falls. Dry Falls

flows over an overhanging

bluff that allows visitors

to walk under the falls and

remain relatively dry when

the waterflow is low, hence

its name. Visitors will get

wet if the waterflow is high.

Drive 3.5 miles on US 64

West to the parking area on

the left.