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Tomato Varieties: A little something different for your garden.

About 2 year(s) ago by Anna Norton
Old Edwards' farm manager, Ezra Gardiner, recently took us on a tour of one of our gardens. If you're looking for a new twist to your tomatoes, give one of these beauties a try!
 The Traveler's Tomato, Reisen tomate in old German, was created specifically for its versatility when away from the home. The individual lobes can be torn from the whole, leaving the remainder fresh for a later time.
 Reisentraube is a traditional Italian tomato, more flavorful than the common cherry tomato.
 The Hungarian Heart was given its name due to its similarity in shape to the human heart. At full size when ripe, these large tomatoes make the perfect sandwich as they are the same size as the bread. 
The indigo blue berry tomato is a favorite among connoisseurs. The whole truss (cluster along the stem) can be roasted together producing a variety of flavors due to the age difference from one to the next. This is more easily accomplished in a covered garden because overwatering will cause some of the individual tomatoes to split, and ruin the truss.
Black Beauty is a newer variety created by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms. It's the darkest tomato you will find!
Finally, the Ten Fingers of Naples is a variety great for canning. 
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