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Momma's Little Baby Loves Rhubarb

About 2 year(s) ago by Anna Norton
When most of us hear the word rhubarb, we think of pie and maybe even hear a little jingle in our heads, but some of you might have never tasted rhubarb or seen it growing in the garden. Large, hearty-looking leaves surround a central flower, but both of these are poisonous to humans if consumed. The only edible portion of the plant is the stalk. Similar in appearance to celery, the stalk turns bright red when it's ready to be harvested and eaten.
Although it's not a fruit, rhubarb is most often treated as such in the kitchen and used for sweet treats, often combined with strawberries to make a tart or pie. To see what Old Edwards Executive Chef Chris Huerta does with this tart and trendy stalk, check back next week for photos and the tasty recipe...
If you just can't wait for your slow-growing rhubarb to ripen enough to use in your personal favorite dish, try a rhubarb forcer. Just place it overtop after planting and the heat will hasten the growing process! We found this charming Robin Norris version at Oakleaf Flower and Garden in Highlands.
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