Designer Trunk Shows 2013 - page 3

Asian Eye
September 13-14
Asian Eye offers
a collection of
exquisite textile
arts. Scarves,
shawls, hats,
gloves and throws
are their focus
featuring the
natural fibers of
silk, fine quality
wools, linen and
September 13-14
Throughout her career,
Babette’s work has been
distinguished by the use
of sophisticated colors and
strong geometric shapes.
She developed a method
of manipulating fabrics to
create different textures and
surfaces. Her modernist
sensibilities dictate that
embellishment is kept to a
Barbara Wells Studio
August 23-24
Every Barbara Wells garment
is individually produced in the
US using the finest and most
innovative fibers available.
Skilled knitters utilize couture
techniques and finishing
methods to produce garments
of unsurpassed quality.
Commitment to quality, love
of fashion, and exceptional
attention to detail define
Barbara Wells’ garments in
today’s marketplace.
July 26-August 2
Dedicated to fashioning the upscale modern woman with stylish
jewelry that fits into every aspect of a woman’s lifestyle, the
collection has a sophisticated look for all parts of the day and a
lavish look for evening.
Cary Calhoun Jewelry
August 23-24
Using raw materials of
sterling silver and gold,
Cary Calhoun creates
each piece of jewelry in
her Atlanta studio using
traditional techniques.
Always on the search
for antiquities and other
wonderful pieces, she
creates, models and molds
these items into wearable
art pieces.
Cathy Sherman
June 28-29
Easy to wear and made for real life as well as special occasions,
Cathy Sherman Jewelry makes women feel beautiful. Every
piece is handmade and many are one of a kind using exquisite
objects that Cathy collects throughout her international travel.
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